Got a minute?

Keep calm now, you'll get angry later!

I don't want to bury the previous post yet, but...

After waking me up with pain every three hours, both Friday and Saturday night, my arm seems to be backing off, finally.

'Bout damned time

That shit was hurtin' so bad at 2am, Saturday morning, it had me in tears. I was sitting on the lid of the toilet, pressing my arm against the inside of the tub for the coolness, sobbing... cute picture, huh?

I got pissed after that and figured, "Fuck you arm. You wanna hurt, I'mina give ya a reason to..."

So, since then, I've had it in no less then two and sometimes three braces, from above my elbow to my wrist, and I've been doing some heavy duty cleaning-type shit.

Let's see... what have I gotten done so far?

The roosters and the rabbits are outside, which entailed moving a load and a half of firewood offa their table to make room for the cages, as well as hefting the cages out there.

Mr. Rat is moving, too. He's going into the vacated pigeon cage after I clean that.

In his place now sits the new stereo, blasting Fleetwood Mac.

There is also siding all over the yard that I hope to get to today. If not, I'm CERTAIN it won't go anywhere til I do get to it.

Back to what I've gotten done... About half of the catboxes... the dishes... hmmm.

I'm about to bring the saddles back in here and clean the mudroom. Then, there are two bikes, one motorized, one not, that need to go in there.

And, if I get time, I'd like to bake that cake and sometime before I go to chaturbate work tomorrow I HAVE to do these nails.

Which oughta be real fun, seeing as how holding an emery board is just the kinda thing that still hurts.

A full bucket of water? Fine.

A little tiny, gotta-squinch-yer-hand-up-to-hold-it emery board?


So, anyway....

I guess I oughta shaddap and keep on keepin' on.

Back later, if I can.

In the meantime...

Peace, y'all!

Want to make a Marine's day?

I want y'all to be able to write to Norm, but I don't wanna be responsible for him getting spammed to death, hence the way I wrote that, ya know?

Don't worry about the fact that ya don't know 'im.

Doesn't matter.

Just let him know how ya found about him and that'll be enough.

He's my brother.

Please send him a note.

In fact, send him as many notes as you want.

I don't know how often he'll be able to write back, but, you know how it is over there.

He's in Iraq.

He's a machine gun/door guy.

Like, he sits in the door of the vehicle with a machine gun, protecting or covering the guys when they go out to pick up... non-living other guys.

(I refuse to say dee-ee-ay-dee and the word "Marine" in the same sentence. Just can't do it.)

But, he's on that detail.

AND, he wants to be a cop when he gets back.

Geez, Norm.

Have much of a death wish, do ya?


drop him a line, if yer of a mind.

He'd appreciate it and so would my Dad and me.

If ya wanna know who Norm is, go here.

It's an old site of his that he and his friend McKenna had, before McKenna died.


Young guy and all.

Not sure what happened there.

Only that it had something to do with McKenna and a gun.

Never did find out if it was an accident or not.

I assume it was an accident.

Glenn Davis...

Glenn Davis, where are you?

The one I'm lookin' for came to Woodstown High School from one of the Cherry Hill high schools, West, I think.

He took Vocational Agriculture with me and played football for the Woodstown High School Wolverines. He was sweet, adorable and live in Pole Tavern or on . His Dad either worked for or owned a carpet cleaning company.

We graduated with the Woodstown High School Class of 1981.

Last I knew Glenn was headed to San Diego to become a Navy SEAL.

Him being a SEAL is somewhat akin to me being a NUN! He was so sweet, so gentle, such a darlin' ol' Teddybear... I can't see him being a rough, tough, able-to-kill-with his-little-finger SEAL, but... whatta I know?

My best memory of him is us, sitting on the hood of his car in his driveway, talking.

He was leaned up against his windshield and I was leaned up against him.

God, he was comfortable to be around (and lean on).

Nothing "major" ever happened between us, but I love(d) him all the same.

He was one of my best friends and I want to find him, badly.

I miss him all to hell and gone, ya know?

I also remember being out in the woods, getting wood for their fireplace with him and his Dad.

And, his smiling face in Ag class.

And, him coming to my Mom's in Carney's Point before going to San Diego.

And, him saying he'd met a girl.

I wonder if they're still together?

I hope so.

Glenn is one of those guys that ya just want to see happy, that ya wanna know somebody is lovin' the hell out of.

He was so amazing, so sweet...

Glenn... google yerself, wouldja?

Google yerself, see this and "testify".

Leave a comment. To do that, click on the word "testify" under this post and fill in the blanks.

OR, my email address is superimposed on my picture up in the righthand corner of my main page. Use it. Please.

If you find this post when it's "old", there'll be three things in blue letters at the top of the page. The title of the last post, the word "main" and the title of the next post from Click on "main" and it'll take ya to the main page. You'll know you're there when you see Stevie Ray Vaughan and "CaughtintheXfire" in big red letters across the top. And, my picture with my email address, of course.

I miss you and I wanna know how ya are. Where ya are. And, I want you to know I've not forgotten you.

And, that I still love ya.


Glenn Davis, Glenn Davis

Woodstown High School



Pole Tavern

Cherry Hill West

Okay, God.

You take it from here, okay?

Help him find me or vice versa.

Now... I'll be posting this from time to time, just so it'll get crawled and, hopefully, become the top search for his name, so if ya see the name GLENN DAVIS as the title, you'll know you can skip it, unless, of course, ya wanna read the same thing over and over, or you're GLENN DAVIS!!!!! and then, please, fer the love of all that is holy (and my sanity) leave a comment.

Or, if you know him, TELL HIM!!!! Okay?

Show him this, please.

Glenn Davis, Glenn Davis, Glenn Davis.

Lord, I hope this works.

Well, it's not like I don't have shit I need to get done

I guess this is "some day", huh?

That fabled day when I do alla the shit that I've been putting off.

Liiike... the animal cages (the rabbit, the duck amd the two roosters), an intense cleaning of the rest of the house, maybe some creative cooking, playin' with the new kittens Lamar gave me last night... well, okay. Maybe I haven't been putting off that last one, she only had 'em last night, but... there's the rest of the list.

Which includes two "specialty" posts... the one (to be repeated til I find him) about Glenn and the one with my Marine brother's email address for any of you guys who wanna "adopt" a Marine and write to him. He'd love it, I'm certain. He loves to read, just like Dad and I do and he's in Iraq and I hate Bush.

I s'pose it'd make more sense to do this post last, so it'd be on top so it'd explain what the two specailty posts are about, buuuut... y'all'll figger it out, right?

(Hell, if the last part of the last sentence didn't getcha, nothing else I write will, right? "Y'all'll"? Jeez...)

I almost feel like this is a school day that I got to have off because of this stupid white shit, except for the fact that I didn't get paid to go to school, thus didn't lose money because of being off.

I keep going, "Yay!... shit..."

Anyhoo... I guess I'll do my two posts and go clean something.

There's also a buncha goofy search terms in my Site Meter. They're a post in and of themselves, naturally.

Plus, I'm starving.

I don't usually get too hungry when I'm working, til later, but, this being off shit has me all off kilter.

Hell, I don't even want my daily "grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup".

I don't know what it is lately with that, but, man. I'm a cheese eatin' fool these days.

And, I don't even really like cheese all that much. Unless I'm starving, I'll pick it offa subs and shit. Don't like it on a salad, either.

But, grilled cheese after forkin' horseshit?

Oh hell yeah.

Dear snow...

Fuck you, I hate you and now... ya owe me money.

You wrecked my record, ya stupid buncha white, useless, fluffy shit.

63 days, damn it. Six-ty three days without a day off and YOU hadda come along and fuck that up for me.

Well... thanks a load (of SALT) and YOU OWE ME TODAYS PAY!!!!

Go to hell. Go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect jackshit.

In fact, go to hell and MELT.

I hate you.



P.S. My Crown Vic is a complete pussy.

The goddamned Jack Russell, with his little two inch long legs, negotiates better in this shit than Vic does.

Vic can't even get his lame ass outta the farkin' garage! (Mostly thanks to the township plow, but still...)

How utterly pathetic.

I'm so embarassed for him.... Gawd.