Got a minute?

Keep calm now, you'll get angry later!

This dude is so blogrolled

But, he is.

so, I'm sittin' here, reading blogs, drinking coffee, waiting for Bill to go away so I can go paint the calf hutches in peace, cause I swear, if he gets anywhere near me today and starts that micro-managing horseshit he revels in, I will jam the paintbrush up his ass handle first and he can paint the damned things himself just like that, ya know?

I had my Svedish Meatballz for breakfast (nice way to lose weight, but frankly, IDON'TCARErightthissecond...) and I vented here and talked to Eric some (after I radio-ed him and (literally) told him it was safe to come back into the house, poor widdle fing) and I'm feeling better, little by little.

THEN, I find Charlie. I'm reading, I'm reading, next thing I know, I'm screaming laughter all over the place because of this line, and I quote:

"And I'm planning on wearing shorts through February or so. Because next fall, I'll have to avoid them altogether; once you're 35, I think you're obligated to strap on the stupid-looking dark socks and pull them up to your kneecaps. I'd rather smoke a dirty diaper."

Suddenly, I was spraying coffee, chokin' on smoke and laughing my (*brass and the size of Volkswagons) balls off.

Dude... that's beautiful!

That is soooo Cheech and Chong... so ME!

I liked the name of this blog to begin with. I ask that very thing 27,000 times a day, myself. Then, my **first ex-husband's name is Charlie and yeah, we're still friends. Then, "rather smoke a dirty diaper..." rotflmao again.

I can't NOT roll the guy.

Anybody who's brain comes out with somethin' like that, is a person I wanna know, ya know? He's gotta be pretty cool. Or bent.

But, "like me", any way ya look at it, so Yay him.

Welcome, Charlie. Just know that you're one of the few people I've made aware of my blog that I did NOT feel a need to "explain" it's content to, first.

I think you'll get it just fine on yer own.