Got a minute?

Keep calm now, you'll get angry later!

What a day and it ain't over yet

Car is still doin' good.

Especially considering the fact that we had two hoses backwards and one hose was the wrong kind, as in "not a gas-rated hose", so that's what was causing the leakage problem. And, the smell problem.

Basically, the gas ate that hose on the way home from work.

Made for some exciting steering, combined with the floods of water around here. Besides the fact that everywhere I parked, I came back to find a rainbow river coming out from under the car, I also had to bypass the driveway the first time I tried for it and go on down the hill, turn around and try again.

Guess gas on your wet tires doesn't exactly combine to make for the best traction, huh?

Oh well.

At least I didn't explode.

Work was "interesting".

God gave me the opportunity to do something really cool for one chick who can be (and was being) really bitchy and I loved doing it. She'd been sniping everybody and everything for a coupla hours (I think she was feeling really sick), then God gave her something to be really pissed about... a missing tip.

I overheard that whole deal, then a while later, just so happened that I found the same amount of cash on the floor, far from her station. I gave it to the chick who was working the station I found it in, but she gave it back to me and I didn't want it either, not knowing whose it was, so I was gonna just take it in back and lay it on the shelf.

I started back there, then saw the chick who'd been stolen from, so I gave it to her.

I went from "non-existent" to "Sweetie" after that.

Later, I even made Mr. Mean Cook literally laugh out loud.

Made some good money, came home, slid a little gettin' in the driveway, made dinner, cleaned a coupla things while Darlin' (Eric) fixed the leak and did an adjustment or two and then fed him, made him a bath and gave him fresh, homemade strawberry shortcake when he got out.

He's in bed now and I'm about to go remove approximately 25 pounds of "used cat food" from the "dog's honor/treat boxes", as they're known as around here.

(Meaning I'm gonna go clean the catboxes...)

Got a load of laundry to put into the dryer, a few dishes to put away, then I think I'm gonna go to bed myself.

Oh yeah... I also got to be "phone tech support" for Pat.

Thank you, Paul, that I was able to do that.

Pat couldn't get here for the last week, so, by phone, we figured it out and now he can read this drivel again.

He's happy and I'm amazed it means that much to anybody to be able to see this mess.

Quit while yer ahead, right?


(Confidentially, that's why I quit years ago. I've been a "head" since I was 17)

And, on the Biff Rose-like note.

I'm outta here.

Peace, y'all.