Got a minute?

Keep calm now, you'll get angry later!

S'matter with those people?

It's okay to starve one and not the other? 'Fraid y'all might go to Hell, piss God off or something if what gets done to one gets done to the other?

And, why is it that the "non-Pope" has to be the one to go it alone, with no sustenence? Wouldn't ya think the "Holy" one would be the one to try starving? I mean, hell... he's he one with the "contacts", the inside track, as it were.

Besides... ya wanna know what the Pope really is?

A man.

A regular friggin' person who farts, shits, pisses, pukes and EATS like the rest of us. Only difference between him and her is that he's the H.N.W.B.I.C. of the most hypocritical, greedy, mercenary, child-molesting-ing-est buncha whack jobs ever on this planet.

She's just some regular schmo from Florida.


If it's good enough for her, it goddamned well oughta be good enough for him, too, what with all his "specialness".

Or, better yet... if they're gonna tube him, they ought re-tube her too.

Sanctity of life, remember?

Yeah, it means about as much to me as it does these assholes.


Oughta just call it what it is... "Sanctity of who ya are, then we'll discuss life".

Jesus, man. They already have her autopsy planned.


Her dipshit "husband" already spent her "care money", too. Think that's why he wants her dead so badly.

He doesn't wanna hafta pay for her himself.

Wanna know who I'm the most glad I'm not?

The cunt who has borne that murderin.

What the fuck is her problem?

I don't give a damn what her excuse is. She is a disgusting person.

What she really is is just another HUGE incentive for this dude to try to kill Terry quicker.

We're all supposed to be the same in God's eyes.

I think we are.

However, I'm afraid it's because we all suck.

(Humans, I mean

Not "us" specifically...)

Ya know... the more I interact with, pay attention to and hafta DEAL WITH people, the better I like all my critters, up to and including snakes and shit.

At least with them, whatcha see is whatcha get. Animals and animal-like behavior. Which, by the way, is a LOT more sane, merciful and necessary behavior than you'll EVER see outta "humans".

With people... it's all crap. They look like people, but act WORSE than animals.

No animals would EVER do to each other the shit people do to each other.

They'd never purposely starve each other to death, they don't systematically torture, maim and kill each other just for shits-n-giggles like humans do and, frankly, "humans" could take a few lessons from those creatures who're alledged to mean so much less than humans.

The longer I'm alive, the more "human" horseshit I see, the more convinced I am that I've been right all along.

Animals are the "gifts" in life. Animals are what matter. They're special.

People are just common and they're terrible to each other, animals and the whole planet.

God shoulda quit on the fifth day... BEFORE he went too far and invented "people".

I've believed that since I was about 9 years old (thanks mom) and I believe it more and more every day I'm alive.

Ever seen a "terrrorist" animal?

Me neither.

signs off laughing out loud because I know I'm not, never have been and never will be part of that "crowd"... the "crowd" of "humans", that is.

Peace, y'all.

I'll bet my soul that if it were investigated in any depth whatsoever, it'd be discovered that the reason Terry had the "eating disorder" that led to the heart attack that led to the veg-state was her stupid husband's tacit encouragement to be "thin", hence "attractive".

That shit doesn't happen all on it's own, ya know.

Hasta start somewhere. Hasta be fed (no pun intended) into by SOMEBODY. Whose opinion of her woulda mattered more to her than his?

Nobody's, that's whose.

He started it, no doubt, and now he wants to finish it. He has a LIFE he needs to get on with, don'tcha know.