Got a minute?

Keep calm now, you'll get angry later!

We are finished... finally

The car is all back together and it is running once again.

Just now got done.

Something else just now got started, too.


My "leetle frien'".

Well, hell... I've heard that saying about working on cars that says something about not being successful at the job til yer bleeding, but I always thought that referred to knuckles and shit.


Long as it worked.

So... let's recap, shall we?

When I got up this morning my car wasn't running, the TV in the livingroom was off, the TV out here had been drowned and my Monkees tape was being held hostage.

A mere 15 hours later and the TV in the livingroom is back on, the TV out here is replaced (and yes it is wearing it's own upside down box, as I type), the car is running and I got my frickin' tape back, too.

Not bad.

Thanks God and could Ya maybe see Yer way clear to forgiving both of us for repeatedly accusing you of doing all that futzin' around with the car on purpose just to amuse Yerself?

We're sorry.

We were cold, wet, frustrated and tired.

Thank You again, Big Guy.

(psst... Can Ya come with me tomorrow to work and home with that car, so I know I'll make it? I promise not to drive like an idiot and scare Ya... too much...)